Tools for data visualization Edit

jQuery Visualise Edit

jQplot Edit

  • Easy
  • Quite good
  • Very interesting website
  • Quite well documented
  • Free
  • Many options
  • More oriented to plot formulas

Protochart Edit

  • Well documented
  • Easy enough
  • Several graphics

Highcharts Edit

  • Free for non commercial use
  • jQuery or Mootools, JavaScript
  • Many different graphics

Timeline Edit

  • BSD license

gRaphaël Edit

  • MIT license (free)
  • Not very well documented

Moochart Edit

  • IE... does it work?
  • Mootools library
  • MIT license
  • Not too hard
  • Only one graphic

Js Charts Edit

  • Free for non commercial
  • Bar,line and pie chart graphics
  • Data in XML

Flot Edit

  • MIT license
  • jQuery

Google Charts API Edit

  • Free
  • Configurable trough URL
  • Generates images

More Tools for data visualization Edit

Open Flash Cart Edit

InfoVis Edit

  • Requires some know how in programming and study the library
  • Very well documented
  • Not very easy

Flare Edit

Actionscript using flex.

Widgenie Edit

  • Overview
  • Advertising?
  • List of examples
  • Hosted solution
  • No code required
  • Embed code for other sites, incl Facebook and Blogger
  • Statistics
  • Pro is €600 a year, offers unlimtied widgets and branding
  • Imports from Excel and CSV, configuration is made using the GUI

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